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May 4th 2015

Fog pictures aren't always the happiest moments to capture, they can give you a doom and gloom sensation. In this particular moment of the year, weather tends to be very moody, and to me it seems colder than winter, this is why I chose to bring up my pictures of a cold and foggy winter day, so it can make me see sense again.

Normandy winter
Normandy winter
Normandy Winter
Normandy winter

If you feel like you are on the bottom of a gloom day, with fog in your eyes and you mouth, you will be up on the surface again, with sunshine and warmth in your soul. Patience. Winter fog can't last forever.

*this is dedicated to a dear friend who seems to be on the bottom of the ocean, but who will come up again

New Portrait

May 1st 2015

I have been looking for quite some time now for a way to shoot (freudian slip?) my good friends, in portraits that would do them justice, in portraits that would represent them. Early this year I have travelled to Marseille in order to meet my good friend Dana Bunescu, who is an acclaimed Romanian film editor. She and I are close, despite the fact we live countries apart now. At some point in our past life Dana was kind enough to shelter me into her house for a couple of rough years. Thus our friendship became even stronger.

In Marseille Dana was attending a Romanian Film Festival, where she was speaking publicly about several films that she edited in the so called "Romanian Wave" in Cinema.

She was residing in this small beautiful hotel in centre of Marseille, which was built to resemble a Moroccan ryad. In this hotel I've found the perfect light set to shoot a picture of Dana. Our love for Morocco is big, and I knew instantly it was the right place. Needless to say I was hunting for this moment and for this place for years, Dana not being the easiest person to photograph in this world, as she hates being photographed! But she agreed, especially because of this magic light that enveloped that room at night, from the street. Only street lamps on, which richly reminded us of Casablanca, where the streetlights bare the same colour.

Time travel, magic, call it what you want, but it was January 2015, in Marseille where I took a portrait of my dear friend Dana.

Dana Bunescu - film editorDana Bunescu is an acclaimed film editor, having edited many of the landmark films of the New Wave of Romanian Cinema. This portrait that she kindly granted me is taken in Marseille in early 2015, in a hotel room lit only by street lamps and reminiscing of Morocco streetlight. The match of this colour temperature to the street lamps in Casablanca, Morocco, was so extraordinary, that we had to shoot this portrait.

The picture will go into my Portraits gallery, very proudly so. 

Normandy Living Project

January 28 2015

Because I have decided to add a Blog page to my website, I shall make my first post one of sharing my news with you.

I am very slowly getting in work mood in the new year (lazy, yes) and together with my friend chef Ivan Simmonds who lives in Normandy, will bring you a webmagazine about simple and forgotten pleasures in life. Little food, little home advice, little beauty and much peace. A little taste of this exciting project can be found on my Cinematography page or if you follow this link.

Project is supposed to kick off live in spring, together with warm, sunny days!

More news soon. :-)

In the mean time, you can check Ivan's blog, A Normandy Kitchen for more inspiring recipes, or have a glimpse of his day to day cooking adventures on his Instagram feed.