Photographer, cinematographer

Ancuța Iordăchescu

I play with light, it helps counter the darkness of my vampiric Romanian soul.

Since 2002 I've been a Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer, traveling a little from here to there, presently settled in Paris, France.

2018 Cinematography for MKS 1986, short film directed by Driss Roukhe
Cinematography for Reseau, short film directed by Abdelfettah Serrari
Cinematography for C'est Pas Finit, short film directed by Ilham Elalami
2017 Work in progress since 2015 on an observational documentary about the life and work of school teachers in Biskopsgården, Gotenbourg, one of Sweden's (ignorantly called) "no go" areas
2016 Premiere of the latest feature film I have shot as a cinematographer in Morocco, "BASTA", directed by Hasanne Dahani
2014 I have illustrated Paris Express, the cook book of the acclaimed Canadian TV personality and cook book author, Laura Calder
2008-2014 I have been working as a cinematographer in Morocco, on local TV Dramas and Series
2000-2008 I have continuously worked as a camera assistant and then as a focus puller for more than fifteen features films, plus documentaries and commercials
2004 Bachelors Degree specialising in Film and Television Cinematography at National University of Theatre and Film "I.L. Caragiale", Bucharest, Romania
2001 Documentary Scholarship at La Femis, Paris, France
1998-2002 Studied Cinematography at Media University, Bucharest, Romania
1998 Baccalauréat of Fine Arts
1994-1998 Studied Fine Arts at Fine Arts High School in Buzau, Romania, specialising in Sculpture and Drawing

I speak Romanian (mother tongue), French, English, Italian, Spanish and now learning Swedish.